Vivek Prakash


I am the Co-Founder & CTO at HackerEarth.

I am 21 year old, doing Bachelors & Masters in Computer Science (IDD Programme) at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India.
I will graduate in 2013.

I love contributing to open source softwares, poking around in operating sytems, and experimenting with new technologies and programming languages. C is my favorite programming language, and i try to write anything in the world with it. Python is my second favorite language.

Currently, I am working on I am also working on HelenOS, GNU Compiler Collection(GCC) and a bunch of related stuffs.

Previously, i have contributed to MINIX 3 userland, a reliable operating system with microkernel and multi-server architecture. You can read the related blog post here.

I have built CodeTable - an online compiler/interpreter with support for real-time collaboration. It's like Google doc for code & much more!


I like writing code. Take a look at them here.


I try to write my experiences sometimes. Read them here.


I spend my free time watching movies, TV series, travelling, reading, browsing for interesting stuffs, and introspecting myself.

I like hiking, rock climbing and doing adventurous stuffs. One day i want to climb Mount Everest ;)

If you want to chat, drop in a line at vivek(at)hackerearth(dot)com.